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Women and Wimbledon

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Wimbledon fortnight is upon us once again and up and down the country local tennis courts will be filled with Roger Federer and Serena Williams wannabes whilst sales of Pimms will increase and rain will no doubt disrupt play.  

Womens tennis continues to grow in popularity and associations such as the WTA (founded by Billy Jean King in the 1970s) continue to strive for equality within tennis.  Female tennis players are now taken more seriously than ever before with Serena Williams boasting 21 Grand Slam titles to her name - the third-most of any tennis player both male and female.

Fashion has often dominated women's tennis over the decades with comfort and functionality outweighing seasonal trends. Grab your racket, your trusty tennis outfit (which decades look you wish to rock is a personal preference) and of course your essential Booband and enjoy the game that sums up British summer.


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