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Winter Workout Preparation

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As the weather turns colder and the nights grow darker reaching for our workout outfits certainly becomes harder. As temperatures dip don't let your commitment to getting fit follow and staying fit and healthy is essential to avoiding setbacks in training programmes.

This winter follow these helpful steps in staying well despite the weather and freezing temperatures and allow your workout to remain uninterrupted.

Flexibility - it is always important to warm up muscles and stretching before and after excerice is essential, whatever the season.  Cold weather leads to cold muscles so ensure you warm up properly to ensure muscles remain supple.

Mobility - Cold months, chilly temperatures and lack of vitamin D can wreak havoc on your joints.  Take care of joints with supplements such as omega 3 which will delay breakdown of cartilage as well as repair it.

Vitamin D - Darker days result in the body's lack of ability to produce vitamin D which effects the bodys immune system so again a supplement is highly recommended.

Relax - When you are stressed you are more likely to develop colds - try yoga or meditation to supplement your workout and bring on the calm whilst stopping colds.


Wrap Up - When you are cold you are more at risk of respiratory infections so make sure you wrap up in suitable and breathable active wear when exercising outdoors this winter.

 Stay warm, fit and healthy this winter!


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