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The Weighting Game

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Many people who wish to loose weight often want to do it quickly and therefore look to quick fix diets that do not work over the long term and that are often lacking in essential nutrition.

The time has come to ditch the scales and time pressures we put on ourselves and look to slowly changing our lifestyle by improving our nutrition knowledge and becoming more active.  



 If you are wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle and maybe loose some weight at the same time we suggest the following:

* Make sure you are eating protein with each meal or snack.  This will help sustain fullness plus foods like oily fish and walnuts will reduce inflammation and burn stored body fat.

* Move away from processed foods that are high in sugar or refined carbs.  Instead opt for fibrous colourful veg providing you with energising nutrients.

* Stick to a routine so your body can regulate itself - this will help keep you focused, calm and improve your digestion .... resulting in not overeating!

It is still important to stay focused on your overall weight loss goal but remember this is a change in lifestyle and not a drastic crash diet.






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