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The Powerful Effect of Having Fun

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According to a new study from the University of Exeter doing things that we enjoy is as effective at treating the symptoms of depression as going to a therapy session.  At this time of year it is easy for our mood to dip and finding things that make us smile could be the answer in reducing depression.

Researchers found that having fun reduced the symptoms of depression by 50 per cent in two thirds of people and that the ability to play and enjoy ourselves is critical to happiness, sustaining social relationships and being a creative and innovative person.

The change in mood and effect on our thoughts after doing something fun is caused by a chemical reaction in the brain and a boost in serotonin levels.  So make some time each day to do at least one fun thing whether it is meeting a friend for coffee, going to a dance or zumba class or watching a comedy ..... well it is good for you!

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