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Marathon Mania .... How to Avoid Injury!

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With the London Marathon just around the corner the season of endurance running is well underway and our parks and pavements are seeing a steady influx of keen and ambitious runners and joggers of all abilities.  

During training programmes for long distance events it is very common to sustain injuries so prevention is a very important topic and can of course help make the difference between successful completion or withdrawing before the big day.  Common causes of injury can range from inadequate flexibility to poor or incorrect running shoes and training errors.

As well as listening to your own body and stretching thoroughly it is important to incorporate a strength-training workout to your programme.  A well designed programme will help you achieve your goal injury-free and should include the following:

Quadriceps, hamstrings, hips: Squats, Dead Lifts, and Lunges
Calves: Heel Raises
Shoulders: Shoulder Shrugs
Upper Back: Dumbbell Rows
Chest: Elevated Feet Push-ups
Biceps: Curls
Triceps: Triceps Kickbacks
Lower Back: Superman Exercise--lie stomach down, lift feet and arms like superman flies
Gluteals and hamstrings: Good Morning Lift--basically a dead lift with bent legs

Click here for a strength training programme by women running.


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