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Made to Measure .... Getting the Right Size Booband

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Getting the right size Booband together with wearing it correctly is key in getting the most from the band.  Correct positioning is obviously crucial as it is important to protect the Coopers ligaments as well as reduce the movement which ultimately limits pain and reduces sagging problems in years to come.



The Booband needs to be worn just above the breasts and we recommend wearing it in conjunction with a good supportive sports bra.  The band will provide the compression to prevent bounce whilst the bra gives the support required.  It is also important to make sure the band is tight enough to inhibit movement but of course not too tight that it restricts breathing!

On all the sizes the velcro panel allows tension to be adjusted for comfort.  

The below size chart will help you see which size band is best for you.  Our measurements are done on dress size and not cup size as the band needs to fit above the breasts. If you are unsure which size would be best then measure round the top of your chest just under the arms - on our size chart the length of each band is listed for added help.





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