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Focus on ... Aqua HIIT

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Aqua HIIT classes are certainly making a splash at the moment and as HIIT is proving to be the fitness trend currently in everyones workout programme it is no surprise that it is appearing in the pool too.  Taking the popular high-intensity interval training techniques to water provides greater resistance but less impact - so less stress on the joints.  This ideal combination gives you both strength and flexibility and is highly recommended as part of a weekly workout.



For many women what to wear during Aqua HIIT or any water workout session can often be an issue.  Typical swimsuits and bikinis do not offer the support and confidence provided by a good sports bra and yet protection against bounce and comfort are still key factors and requirements.  The good news is that Booband does still work in water and having put the band to the test it gives the required compression and support - the below review is from one our customers who was happy to put the band through its paces:

'It really does what it says on the tin and I found I was able to throw myself in to some of the more vigorous cardio moves such as sprints and jump tucks and jumping jacks with so much more gusto knowing that I was so well supported. I found that rinsing the band in warm water along with my costume and leaving to air dry has worked well so far. I'll definitely be recommending it to all my friends'. @whatkatyworenext


So don't let inadequate support be the reason not to try out this latest workout!


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