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Women & Extreme Sports

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Extreme sports have long been dominated by men but women are starting to thrive in these increasingly popular activities which require not only physical ability but complete mental understanding too.




With the rise of extreme sports, which include snowboarding, surfing, base jumping, bodyboarding, free running and kite surfing, women are fast joining in with these untraditional sports. Women are finding that they also like to set fitness goals, push their limits and keep fit with a mental and physical workout.




If freestlye skiing or endurance marathons are not quite for you then a Tough Mudder race could be an extreme sport for you.


The 16-20km obstacle races are in the mud and are built to test mental grit, camaraderie and physical fitness and now operate all over the UK . Not only do they have women only races but 50% of participants are female in many of their main races. The organisers say their courses are for anyone who has ever followed their gut, tried to defy gravity, takes risks and seeks thrills!


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