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thebooband.com is live!

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Welcome to thebooband.com, the online home of the Booband!

Like all great products, the story of the Booband is one of ‘form follows function’. Fiona Watson, founder of Booband, is an active woman and an avid runner. Her lifestyle was always hampered by one uncomfortable problem (or two uncomfortable problems to be specific!). 

“I tried a variety of bras by very well known performance brands, but still found that the support was unsatisfactory, increasing the pain and decreasing the enjoyment of hitting the gym or the trails.

After a while this didn’t just affect comfort, but also performance and confidence too. However, after speaking to other runners, cyclists, horse riders and other sports enthusiasts it became clear that this was something affecting a huge number of women.”

It’s a common problem that needed a solution – after extensive research and testing, the Booband was born!