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Sweet Dreams

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The secret to great skin, enhancing mental and physical health and improving energy levels is having plenty of sleep.  Without having enough sleep our weight can increase, our immune systems can lower and we can become more prone to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure.


Here are some of our top tips to improve your nights sleep and ensure you are getting enough shut eye.  

Take a bath - the use of essential oils combined with the warm water will help calm anxiety and induce sleep.

Diet - selenium is the natural sleep hormone found in many foods such as nuts, chickpeas and spinach.  Bananas and warm milk are also great before bed as they contain tryptophan, a chemical that our bodies convert into serotonin making us feel sleepy.

Turn off the appliances - electrical appliances stimulate the brain and hinder sleep.  At least an hour before bed turn off phones, iPads, laptops etc and wind down.

So increase your reaction times, see your performance improve, embrace the health benefits and maintain a healthy weight by making sure you get your eight hours.

Sweet Dreams.







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