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The Wellness Revolution

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Sleep, weight and energy levels are just some of the aspects of our life that are influenced by our health and as more people start to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle it is no wonder that we are in the midst of what is being hailed as 'The Wellness Revolution'.


Diet regimes, yoga retreats, athleisure clothing, blogs and websites abound, these are just some of the areas that have influenced this trend and helped make wellness a trillion pound industry.  As declining health and increased obesity weigh heavy on our minds it comes as no surprise that more and more of us are reaching for our gym bags and shopping for more fresh and organic food produce than ever.

However, it doesn't have to be all kale meals and triathlon competitions but whatever you choose to do now is the time to make a change to your daily habits - whether you pledge to walk more each day, reduce your caffeine intake or practise some mindfulness then you too can be part of this revolution and be on the road to a healthier you!




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